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The escape committee
Munqy had always accompanied me into the garden, just to make sure I was safe out there. Birds worried him, loud noises had him nagging me to go back in, but he enjoyed trying the plants for flavour and peering through at the neighbours' gardens.

He was a trifle put out when he was not allowed out with me to supervise, and they were all annoyed that the cat flap was locked so they couldn't go into the lean to, while the garden was converted.

So they observed closely and formed committees - you dig Tom, you can manage Dick and the three of you can tackle Harry. Now - who's going to hide the earth?

When they were allowed out they investigated thoroughly.

Grees was not at all sure about the dog, but Phubar posed between the cats and viewed the mouse with suspicion.
The tufa made a good vantage point - and there could be interesting insects underneath it. There might also be THINGS under the sinks, between the pots .. and in the middle of plants!
Phun was especially inquisitive about what was going on in neighbouring gardens

catsEven Trahsrs ventured out, mainly to sample the plants.

All of them enjoyed grazing the Leucojum, Ophiopogon and Iris leaves but were most unimpressed with the Borage! The Rosemary was usually ignored after an experimental sniff.

Phubar ventured up the apple tree, but not very far, and scrambled down via the Clematis.
catsSnaphu wanted to go higher, but discovered that turning round could be difficult. Her back feet waving in the breeze caused great amusement to the neighbours. She eventually discovered that she could also descend via the Clematis - which is bearing up quite well under the circumstances.

You could say that wiring in the garden was a definite success, from the cats' point of view if not that of the plants. However, they are not allowed out there when I am not around to keep an eye on them - I really don't trust them.

Two bits of trellis were left on my side of the wire and are used for tightrope walking between the pillars. Once on a pillar one has to stop and think for a bit - before turning round and wobbling back again. I'm not sure how long the trellis will take this - it was starting to disintegrate before it encountered the cats.

They, by the way, have abandoned all thought of digging tunnels - the ground was too hard, although the lightly dug patches had other uses ... and then attracted little flying toys.

The cats are now saving up for a motorbike. (Somehow I can't picture them as Steve McQueen - more a cross between Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run)



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