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  The Red Point & Tortie Point
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  Photo Album - 1980s

HalChampion & Premier Marilane Harlequin
32b1 - Seal Tortie Point, Male
Sikkum Cream Andreanov (32c) x Hydinisy Wild Honey (32b1)
14th January 1980 - 28th July 1994
Owner/breeder: Glenda Ford

'Hal' is thought to be the only titled Tortie Point male in the world

'Hal' was fertile - he bred as a Seal Point


Champion Kilidar Calypso
32a - Red Point, Male
Hydinisy Serendipity (32a) x Patrician Papoose (32a)
Born 12th September 1980
Owner/breeder: Peter Greenaway

CarloGrand Champion & Grand Premier Horchata Nieto Decarlos
32c - Cream Point, Male
Ch Syntax Red Rum (32a) x Patrician Palmyra (32a)
Born 23rd January 1981
Breeder: Jackie Henderson     Owner: Jackie Reed
'Carlo' was the first Cream Point to gain a Grand titleCarlo

QueridaChampion Carroglen Querida
32b1 - Seal Tortie Point, Female
Ch Kilidar Calypso (32a) x Inesse Jennequin (24)
Born 25th October 1982
Owner/breeder: Carol Evans

Supreme Grand Champion & UK Grand Premier Pannaduloa Blazer
32a - Red Point, Male
Gr Ch Daunus Pascali (24c) x Gr Ch Pannaduloa Sophistication (32b1)
Born 29th June 1985
Owner/breeder: John Hansson

RockyGrand Champion Pendenna Red Rocky
32a - Red Point, Male
Locharidge Abacus (24b) x Darling Honeysuckle (32c)
23rd May 1989 - 2000
Breeder: Shirley Stapleton     Owner: Jackie Reed


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