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How it all started

The acquisition of my first Siamese was purely accidental.

Shantai Lucifer ('Poon') belonged to a young couple who loved him dearly and spoilt him rotten ... he liked ox heart so they gave him ox heart ... exclusively! ... and Poon became so deficient in calcium that he developed fractures in both femurs. They were unable to keep him (I don't think Mother/Mother-in-law helped here!) and were delighted when I offered to take him and nurse him back to health.

Poon came home with me, closely followed by his mouse and his yellow plastic double bowl (which I still have and use!). I already had a pet rat, Hermione, and although I never left them unsupervised, they actually enjoyed playing together.

PoonI was living in a one-room bed-sit when I first had Poon, but soon moved into a tiny flatlet which gave us both more space. Poon's fractures healed well and he was soon leaping about just as a Siamese should. He was always rather bandy-legged and became slightly arthritic in his elbows in middle age, but was otherwise a very healthy cat.

He was a (rather dark) Chocolate Point, sire Champion Solitaire Apache, dam Lucianna Cochella, born December 1967 and I got him in June 1968.

Poon's breeder had offered a replacement kitten to his former owners (although his condition was not her fault!) but they decided not to wait until she was ready to leave because they wanted a new kitten as soon as possible, so she was offered to me.

Poon needed a companion (Hermione was put down after developing several mammary tumours in succession) so Shantai Bella Maria came to live with me. 'Bella' was a Lilac Point and Poon's half sister, sired by Misselfore Lilac Storm.

They got on well together although there were the little brother-sister arguments. (This photo was taken in Summer 1969)

Poon and Bella
Poon, Bella and SunflowerWhen I went to collect Bella I saw Ilona Flame - the first Red Point I had ever seen. I was captivated and booked a kitten from her first litter - whenever that would be....

... and in August 1969 Shantai Sun Flower duly came to join the family. She was truly delightful - Poon was always a gentleman, Bella could be a bit crabby on occasions, but 'Sunflower' had a really sunny personality and loved everyone, cat or human.

Here they are all playing in the (empty) bath soon after Sunflower arrived.

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