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Meet the Palantir Cats
I breed Siamese, Oriental Shorthairs and Oriental Longhairs under the prefix Palantir, which was registered with the GCCF in 1969.

The cats who at present keep the place untidy, especially by stripping the wallaper in the new house, help with word-processing and emails and even tried searching the www are:

drawings of my cats

The elderly gentlemen
Champion Olye Quantro - Red Silver Shaded Oriental Shorthair
Lookame At Palantir - Red Tabby Point Balinese Male

Palantir Ynfinytvariety - Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded Oriental Longhair Variant Female

Palantir Trydtubabaly - Chocolate Silver Tortie Tabby Point Oriental Longhair
Palantir Myxtyps - Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point Oriental Longhair
Palantir Pnikabokaglori - Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded Oriental Longhair
who just never left home

Palantir Greesdlytnyng - Chocolate Tortie Shaded Oriental Longhair

the male neuters -
Palantir Awlmahfntrahsrs - Chocolate Tabby Oriental Longhair
Premier Palantir Lytlredmunqy - Red Silver Shaded Oriental Longhair

and the new addition -
Mylynn Maybefun - Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese

(Grand Champion & Grand Premier Palantir Wotspotz - Black Silver Oriental Spotted Tabby Male Neuter
and his brother
Palantir Kindasmokey - Chocolate Oriental Smoke Male Neuter
were 'stolen' by their friend Tracy to move with her to her country home)

Their names link to their pedigrees and photos.

The weather in the Summer was HOT and they were lying around ...

But they really enjoy the garden

There are more links to photos by the pawprint at the bottom of the page.

Drawing of cat and turkey

You can read about some of my past cats:

Drawing of a catAs you may have noticed, I have always bred the newer colours and patterns. As I breed for what I wish to achieve, I rarely have show/breeding kittens for sale - the few kittens available are usually sold as pets.

I use Orientals and Balinese in my Oriental Longhair breeding programme so I get Oriental Longhair Variants (shorthaired Oriental type cats which carry longhair) and Pointed Oriental Longhairs (Balinese look-alikes) and only a very few Oriental Longhairs - most of whom stay with me!

About Me

I started by breeding Siamese - mainly Red, Tortie and Cream Points and a few Tabby Points - closely followed by Orientals. I got my first Oriental Longhair in 1988 and "Bigfoot" the Balinese (he really has got big feet - he trips over them!) arrived in 1995 to help with my Oriental Longhair programme.

I am Secretary of the Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club and the Oriental Longhair Breed Club (both affiliated to the GCCF). I am also Secretary of the Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee.

I am show manager of the GCCF Supreme Show and a much smaller show - the Breed 32 Cat Association Show as well as the Balinese & Siamese Cat Club Show, Balinese Cat Society Show and Tonkinese Breed Club Show, the latter two of which share the venue with the Breed 32.

I have been Vice-Chairman of the GCCF for the past year and before that I have been on various GCCF Committees for many years. Recently forced to retire, I now have far too much time to spend in my garden when it is not too hot.

You can see me at work if you wish!

Drawing of me plus cat

Animated drawing of cat and computerBy the way - this little cat LIVES HERE and does not wish to appear on other web sites.

I drew him, and several of the others, to illustrate an article I wrote in the RP&TPSCC Journal many years ago. He became very "animated" when I developed my web site, and insisted on helping.

If you find him elsewhere (without a link back here) please send him home.


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