The Oriental Bicolour Group

A selection of Bicolours worldwide

Many thanks to the breeders and owners who have provided photographs of their cats


Black & WhiteBlack & White
Tassan Tom of Landican - Black & White male
sire: Amenophis Blackmagic of Tassam (Oriental Black) dam: Tassam Witchy's Magic (Black & White Bicolour)
breeder: Mrs A Sandner

and his kittens ...

Tortie & WhiteBlack & White
Landican Bispecialorder - Tortie & White female
Landican Bispurprise - Seal Tortie Point & White female
dam: Gr Ch Landican Cream Cracker (Oriental Cream)
breeders: Sarah Johnson & Pat Norman

Four Seal Point & White, two Chocolate selfs and a Chocolate Point, sired by Tom
dam: Lunatora Queenofasia (Chocolate Point Siamese)
breeder: Liz Fremont


Seal Point & WhiteSeal Point & White
Felides Vivres Mambo - Seal Point & White male neuter
sire: Tassam Tom Boy of Felidesvivre
breeder: Yvonne Kleijn

Black & WhiteChampion Y Not U Double Rais - Black Smoke & White male
owner: Yvonne Kleijn
breeder: Barbara Levine

Seal Point & White and Blue Point & White Kittens
(sire Seal Point, dam Blue & White)
breeder: Yvonne Kleijn

Red Smoke & WhiteRed Smoke & White
El Shaklan Uxmal - Red Smoke & White male
breeder: Catherine Bastide-Coste, owner: Øivind Hornslien

Black & WhiteBlack & White
Black & WhiteFelides Vivres Purr-Ticolor
Black & White female
(Tassam Tom Boy of Felidesvivre, Black & White
x Felides Vivres Purr-Spective, Blue & White)
breeder: Yvonne Kleijn, owner: Øivind Hornslien (Norway)

United States

Tabby Point & WhiteTabby Point & White
Tabby Point & White
Lumax Running Deer
Seal Tabby Point & White
breeder/owner: Laura McIntyre

Brown Tabby & WhiteBrown Tabby & White
Grand Premier Y-Not A Different Drummer
Brown Spotted Tabby & White male neuter
breeder: Barbara Levine
as a kitten (left) and adult (right)

Choc & WhiteChoc & White
Y-Not Mud Slide
Chocolate & White
breeder: Barbara Levine
Grand Champion Y-Not Starbucks
Black & White
breeder: Barbara Levine

New Zealand

Choc & WhiteChampion Zarzuela Oracle
Chocolate & White female
(Champion Tacodah Cafezinho
x Grand Champion Edeltier Azizi)
breeder: Fiona Taylor
owner: Sandy Nogueira
Champion Tacodah Cafezinho
Black & White male
breeder/owner: Sandy Nogueira
Black & White
KittensLitter of kittens born 5.12.03
(Champion Tacodah Arco-Iris Azul x Tacodah Bluette)
breeder/owner: Sandy Nogueira
Lilac Point & White Kitten born 19.11.03
(Champion Tacodah Arco-Iris Azul
x Champion Tacodah Choletta)
breeder/owner: Sandy Nogueira
Caramel & WhiteKittens
Champion Zarzuela Alinghi, Caramel & White female
(Champion Tacodah Cafezinho x Grand Champion Edeltier Azizi)
breeder/owner: Fiona Taylor
and her kittens from Gold Dbl Gr Ch Tomelima That's Amore
She has since arrived in the UK where she is owned by Di Clarke
The kittens show a variety of colours and patterns, including one 'plain' one

UK - history

Seal Tortie Point & WhiteSeal Tortie Point & White
Skewbald Scherzo, Seal Tortie Point & White, was shown in the AOV Shorthair classes at GCCF shows between 1971 and 1974. Unfortunately she only produced one litter before developing pyometra and having to be spayed: one Oriental Black male and one Cream Point male - so that was the end of that particular breeding programme.

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