The Oriental Bicolour Group

Breed Description

Oriental Bicolours are accepted in the following colours: black (seal), blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, caramel, fawn, red, cream, apricot, and the seven tortie colours and in the silver (smoke) versions of all of these colours.

They are accepted in the following patterns: non-agouti (self/tortie/smoke), tabby (all four tabby patterns) and shaded, in both standard and silver colours.

They are accepted in both the full coloured and the pointed versions of all of the above.
NB: Burmese and Tonkinese coat patterns and Birman gloving are excluded.

They are accepted in both shorthaired and longhaired versions.
NB: There is no coat-length variant status: Oriental Bicolour SHs may carry the longhair gene.

The eye colour may be green, blue or odd-eyed (one green, one blue) in full coloured & white cats, and blue in pointed & white cats.

In all cases the Standard of Points requires the cat to display at least one third white up to and including 'van' distribution; there must be white on the face, all four feet must show some white and there must be white along the underside of the cat from chest to lower abdomen.

The type is that of other Orientals and the coat as in the Oriental SH and Oriental LH. The colour descriptions for the individual colours have been derived from those for Orientals and Siamese.

Standard of Points as pdf file

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