The Oriental Bicolour Group

The Group was formed in 2004 to promote interest in, and provide guidance on, the breeding and exhibiting of Oriental Bicolours, shorthaired and longhaired, in all colours and patterns including pointed, under GCCF Rules

The inaugural meeting was held on 3rd January 2004 and the first Annual General Meeting on 7th August 2005

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in this beautiful breed

Please download a pdf membership application form

The Group applied to GCCF, via the Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee, for Preliminary recognition of Oriental Bicolours. This was granted on 22nd February 2006, which then allowed the Bicolours to compete on the show bench. Championship status was granted in September 2009, with effect from June 2010.

Black and White Oriental Bicolour SH

The first ambassador for the breed, Tassam Tom of Landican, arrived in the UK 18th February 2004.


In most litters of kittens from Bicolour matings there will be some Bicolours and some kittens without white. The Bicolours may be good enough to be sold for breeding or showing, but the kittens with no white will be sold purely as pets: they cannot produce Bicolours unless mated to a Bicolour, and they cannot be shown with GCCF.

Prices of Oriental Bicolour kittens will vary from area to area but should be the same as the price charged for other Orientals (short and longhaired), Siamese or Balinese in the same area.

Prices for all these breeds may also vary within an area: all should have been registered and should also have completed their full vaccination course against FIE (Panleucopenia), FVR and FCV ('cat flu'), but some may also have been vaccinated against FeLV (Feline Leukaemia), Chlamydiosis and/or Bordetella (a respiratory infection). They may also have been microchipped and some pet kittens may have been neutered before they are offered for sale. All of these will, of course, make the kitten more expensive than one which has only received its basic vaccinations but, of course, the latter two will save the new owner having to pay for these later on. Do check what the price includes before you buy a kitten.

If you are looking for a kitten for breeding or showing, do check that it has been registered and ask to see the pedigree; only those kittens which conform to the Registration Policy will be able to be shown with GCCF. Other kittens may look like Oriental Bicolours but, if incorrectly bred, are not a recognised breed and cannot be shown, nor are they any use for breeding.

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