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My Garden - July 1996

The garden developed quite a lot in five years - upwards and outwards.

(Sorry the pictures are not very good. They are all taken from a video because that way I can re-use the tape instead of wasting a lot of film on out-of-focus photos.)

The roofThere are even pots on the roof.

The palms Trachycarpus fortunei and Brahea armata are seen here, plus a trimmed leaf of Brahea edulis (which did not take the Winter so well).

Also in view are Iris confusa, I.japonica and I.japonica "Aphrodite" (looking rather sorry for itself).

From upstairs you can see how well filled the beds are now.

The little tree in the foreground is Cercis siliquastrum which flowered exuberantly this year and is now covered with bunches of pods.

View from above

The crazy pavingThe crazy paving area has also sprouted lots of pots and a very small fountain.

Clematis cirrhosa "Freckles" and Clematis glauca akebiodes are hanging off the wall, Convolvulus cneorum is outgrowing the wall bed and Sisyrinchium striatum seeds itself all over the crazy paving, joined by Viola cornuta, Campanula rotundifolia and assorted weeds.

The trees have grown as well.

Magnolia grandiflora (just visible on the right) is now a decent size and flowers quite well and Cotinus coggygria "Flame" (insignificant in bed 3 in the earlier photos) is now rather impressive and dominates the centre of the garden with its smoky flowers.


YuccaThe Yucca which was there before I moved in has changed relatively little, except that it is even more ungainly, requiring a prop for its trunk, and it now has two heads. Unfortunately it has a tendency to flower in mid-Winter, so the flower head gets frosted and does not last very long.

Phormium "Bronze Baby" in the foreground did not enjoy the Winter.

Bed 5 is now "established". The greenery in the right hand picture is mainly various Iris sibirica cultivars, Asarum hartwegii, Vancouveria hexandra and Viola "Freckles", plus ferns. The irises flowered well this year, but only for a short time.Bed 5
Bed 5
The other side of the bed is dominated by the giant leaves of Magnolia macrophylla - tender but it survived last Winter without complaining (and without protection).

There is yet another iris in the foreground here - I.graminea this time.

HemerocallisDaylilies do well in my garden.

Hemerocallis fulva "Green Kwanso" pushes its way up between paving slabs!

This is "Lynn Hall", one of the first things I planted in bed 4.
Also in bed 4 is "Joan Senior" -
the nearest to white that I have found so far.

.. and this is "Chicago Petticoats",
with a glimpse of Clematis viticella "Alba luxurians" in the background where it is growing up Magnolia hypoleuca

DigitalisFoxgloves do well here too.

Digitalis purpurea (selected by me for the white ones - I pull up the pink before they seed) and D.lutea grow like weeds.

This strange brown one is Digitalis parviflora which is now seeding itself about nicely in bed 4.

while Digitalis lanata flourishes in bed 5 and has now spread to bed 4.

ArisaemaI also like Arisaemas and their relatives and watch for their spikes to appear through the other foliage in early summer.

This is Arisaema tortuosum with a lovely dark spotted stem and green spathe. It seems perfectly happy pushing its way through the violas.


The wilderness This is the bottom of the garden. I can't get very close because of the brambles! If I do get through I may discover where the fox (who watches me weeding and who takes empty flower pots as toys) has made his earth.

The white flower is Rosa mulliganii (R.longicuspis) which is growing right up into the Hornbeam tree.

As you see, the dominant colour in the garden is green - I enjoy foliage just as much as flowers. To increase the cool, restful effect, most of the flowers are pale coloured - some are even green.

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