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My Garden, May 1998

The mild Winter followed by a very wet Spring has made the garden extremely lush. Most things are growing very well - especially the weeds!

pots on the crazy pavingMost of the stuff in pots has survived. In fact Fuchsia magellanica alba in the pot on the left was already flowering by the time I got round to pruning it!

The white flowered shrub is Rhododendron "Sarled" and Erinus alpinus is flowering over the lump of tufa.

Iris cristata albaOxalis obtusa
Tiny Iris cristata alba is flowering well in one of the sinks.

The salmon pink Oxalis obtusa is the only thing flowering on the tufa bed at present (except for the weeds). It will soon disappear for the Summer.

Judas tree'bushes
Many of the bushes, including the pink Cercis siliquastrum, have come on really well.

Vancouveria hexandraAsarum hartwegii
The mild wet Winter really suited Vancouveria hexandra (left) and Asarum hartwegii (right) - and all the weeds as well!

The aquilegias are taking over bed 4 at present. The variegated leaf white ones seed true.

Californian Iris'bed 4
The Californian irises are also flowering well. They were a collection of unnamed hybrids and vary a great deal in vigour as well as colour.

The shrubs in the right hand picture are the white Judas tree and Rhododendron "Arctic Tern"

The Wistaria looks splendid this year. (Usually it is covered in bud just as we get a really sharp frost that zaps the lot.)

Now I really must do something about the weeds - it is a bit difficult to see where paths end and beds begin.

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