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My Garden, March 2002

After some more clearing, and repeat weeding, the garden looked almost respectable.garden
slate bedI used broken slates, from when the roof was repaired, to cover the top end of the path down the left side. Spiky things like Phormiums and Sisyrinchiums look good growing through it and it does suppress some of the weeds.
The Epimediums in the wooden tub flowered happily and the bamboos became exuberant.tub on patio
bed 5Bed 5 remained reasonably tidy and I waited to see if the later plants would put in an appearance - some never did.
I managed to clear the entire garden - at least to ground level. I found that the Pyracantha which supported tons of ivy was dead, so cut it down, together with its ivy; ths also meant getting rid of about half of the Clematis armandii in that corner - but there was plenty left.

Underneath it all I discovered that the Epimediums, Ophiopogons and Liriopes had survived.

cleared bed
helleboreThe white Rhododendron and the Hellebores looked much happier when I had cleared away the brambles and ivy - both flowered happily.
In bed 4 the white Viburnum plicatum 'Snowflake', Cercis siliquastrum album and Rhododendron 'Arctic Tern' flowered above the bluebells and irises.bed 4
wistariaThe Wistaria had to be persuaded not to throttle the Cordyline, but flowered well. In the background you can see the slate.
In bed 5 the Geraniums were rather over-exuberant. I had to weed numerous seedlings from the path.bed 5
irisThe Californian Irises flowered well in bed 4 - but tryng to clear out the couch grass from them proved very difficult.
The 'water feature' side of the crazy paving remained fairly tidy....water feature
Convallaria... but on the other side of the raised bed the Convallaria majalis grew through every crack, having spread further each year.
Even the paths stayed fairly weed-free, although I hadn't the heart to weed out the primulas.garden
chickensThe bronze chickens were visible at last, with the pig trough of Menyanthes trifolilata behind them.

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