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My Garden, March 2002

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gardenAt the end of January it snowed. It didn't last long (although long enough to snarl up the traffic completely here in the home counties - you'd think we never had snow, wouldn't you!) but the garden was pretty while it lasted.

To the left is the view from upstairs, to the right the raised bed with Muehlenbeckia astonii in the foreground.

raised bed and raised bed
bed 5Viburnum plicatum 'Snowflake' in bed 5 (left) looked more interesting with a light frosting. The water feature (right) was frozen solid.water feature
Clematis cirrhosa balearicaDespite the snow, Clematis cirrhosa balearica flowered with enthusiasm (left) but Viburnum fragrans 'Nana' and Hamamelis x intermedia "Arnold Promise' in bed 5 (right) had finished flowering.bed 5
Clematis cirrhosaThe Clematis cirrhosa (left) climbing up Amelanchier canadensis was flowering, but is always less exuberant than its relative in the tub. In bed 5 (right) Galanthus 'S Arnott' was perfectly happy...Galanthus S Arnott
Cyclamen coum... as was Cyclamen coum 'Abschaticum' (left) while Lonicera x purpusii (right) had its usually scattering of small fragrant flowers.Lonicera
Helleborus orientalisTwo weeks later, after a lot of dull days, the sun shone. Hellebrous orientalis Ashdown garden hybrid flowered happily in its pot, while Galanthus 'S Arnott' held its flowers much more open in the sun.Galanthus S Arnott
Galanthus Mighty AtomGalanthus 'Mighty Atom' (left) has not increased much in three years, while Galanthus 'Wendy's Gold' (right) is beginning to multiply quite nicely.Galanthus Wendy's Gold
Galanthus varietyThe Galanthus variety (left) with beautiful large flowers, bought at the same time, has hardly multiplied at all.

In bed 3 (right) Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' is flowering well this year - and I can actually get close to it now, with fewer brambles around.

Hamamelis x intermedia Diane
Scilla tubergenianaScilla tubergeniana (left) has almost finished flowering in bed 4, but Rosmarinus 'Fota blue' on the patio wall (right) was not put off at all by the snowy weather.Rosmarinus
GalanthusGalanthus nivalis, both single and double, and Leucojum push their way through the ivy, bamboos and Vinca round the patio.Galanthus and Leucojum
DaphneThe Daphne in the pot is flowering well (left) but although sold as D tangutica it looks more like Daphne laureola. Clematis cirrhosa balearica is as exuberant as ever, enjoying the sun.Clematis cirrhosa balearica

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