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My Garden, January 2000

The garden has survived into a new century, despite the fact that, judging by the various lacy effects, it seems to attract every bug with the exception of the millennium one!

MahoniaThe weather has been mild and a surprising number of things are flowering on 1st January, although most are too small to show up well in photos.

Not so the Mahonia which is now very top-heavy because I have never got round to pruning it. It puts on a magnificent display at a rather dreary time of year.

Clematis cirrhose balearicaClematis cirrhose balearica
Clematis cirrhosa balearica is also exuberant but in a more delicate way. Its little cream bells are lightly spotted with red inside.
Clematis cirrhosa FrecklesClematis cirrhosa "Freckles" is vigorous but straggly and climbs right up into the Mahonia, which makes it quite difficult to see its larger cream bells which are heavily red-spotted.

It, too, is flowering well.

Clematis cirrhosa Freckles
Iris unguicularisIris unguicularis (left) has just opened its first flower of the season and has several other buds.

Iris foetidissima citrina, which has rather drab pale yellow flowers, comes into its own at this time of year when its brilliant red berries brighten up the dark corners where it has self-seeded.

Iris foetidissima citrina
Despite some frosts there are several small herbaceous plants in flower. Primula vulgaris has started flowering, but the primrose coloured ones were too frosted to photograph, so here is one of the self-seeded pink things.

Campanula "E H Frost" (right) is still flowering spasmodically, as are Geranium robertianum album and the strawberries - both the wild ones and the lurid pink "Panda" that someone gave me and that refuses to die.

Several small shrubs are flowering. The Rosemary has settled in well although I left it sitting in a pot for a year before planting it on the patio wall above a collection of cyclamen.
RosemaryDanae racemosa is also quite happy although it has been sitting in a plastic pot for nearly five years now. Its little greenish flowers are in the middle of its (somewhat nibbled) leaves.
Danae racemosa
Hebe "Spenders Seedling"Viburnum fragrans "Nana"
Hebe "Spenders Seeding" (left) is still flowering, while Viburnum fragrans "Nana" has just started.
Corylus avellana "Contorta"Corylus avellana

The little corkscrew hazel has a few catkins, but it is always later than the ordinary hazel tree (above) at the bottom of the garden

There are also plenty of bulbs pushing up and the Hellebores are all in bud so, frosts permitting, there should soon be more to see fighting through the weeds.

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