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Oriental Cats in the UK

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Breed Advisory Committees

There is a Breed Advisory Committee for each breed group recognised by the GCCF, its functions being:

A breed group may consist of a single breed (e.g. Korat, Cornish Rex) a group of colours or patterns (e.g. Self Persians, Tabby Persians) or all colours and patterns of a breed (e.g. British, Asian, Burmese, Siamese). Prior to the BAC system being set up, Judges were appointed to lists which might consist of a single colour of a breed (e.g. Blue Persian, Chinchilla, Havana) or a large group (e.g. British, Burmese, Siamese) and had to apply separately for each list. The BAC system amalgamated many of the single colour lists into groups, so that Judges would be appointed to all breeds within that group.

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 The Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee

Before the BAC system, each Oriental Shorthair breed had a separate judge list, so a Judge of Havanas was not necessarily a Judge of Whites or Blacks. The BAC system amalgamated these into two breed groups - Oriental Self and Oriental Non-Self. Oriental Longhairs remained a separate breed group.

Judges are appointed separately to each of these groups so a Full Judge of Oriental Selfs can judge all Oriental Self breeds but is not necessarily a Judge of Oriental Non-Selfs or Oriental Longhairs.

The three Oriental BACs meet together, as the Oriental Joint BAC, two or three times a year, with representation from all ten Oriental clubs.

In addition, the Oriental Joint BAC puts forward to the GCCF all matters relating to the Oriental Bicolour. This is a separate breed group, with its own list of Judges. The Oriental Bicolour Group, which caters for this breed, is not yet affiliated to GCCF but, once it is, it too will send representatives to the OJBAC.

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 Oriental Seminar

The Oriental Joint BAC holds an annual seminar which is attended by candidates, Judges, Club representatives and breeders. It is a forum for education, assessing the candidates and discussing the judging of Orientals, with cats present to illustrate the topics discussed.


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