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The Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group

Some of our Members' Cats

CinnamonGrand Champion Sayonara Cattier Grandecru
babysitting his first litter of kittens

Breeder: Glenda Worthy
Owner: Jean Soper

Champion Mewzishun Sinfonia
the first GCCF Female Cinnamon Champion

Breeder/Owner: Ann Greatorex

CinnamonSayonara Method Champenois
sire of Grandecru and Sinfonia

Breeder/Owner: Glenda Worthy

Cinnamon PointCinnamon Point
Rimana Sue Ellen, one of our Cinnamon Point qualifiers,
with her litter of Havanas and Chocolate Points

Breeders: Michael & Marina Ward - Owner: Vanessa Lee

A litter of Cinnamon Point kittens from the Netherlands

Breeder: Hetty Berntrop
(now in Australia)

Cinnamon Points
FawnSunjade Silka, one of our Oriental Fawn qualifiers

Breeder/Owner: Elizabeth Wildon

Grand Champion Rimana Xenolith and Rimana Nephuene ("Saffi") - Sue Ellen's sisters

Breeders: Michael & Marina Ward - Owner: Lynne Lawrence

Cinnamon & Cinnamon Point
CinnamonsSaffi's first litter by Whipplewind Think Pink (Oriental Fawn)

Here they are aged four and a half weeks

Below is one of the litter -
Grand Champion & Premier Tazkindi Tajarru Grandeur aged 5 weeks (left) and 5 months (right)

CinnamonSome more pictures of Grand Champion Rimana Xenolith
Merescliff Allart, Fawn Point Male Neuter owned and bred by Liz Mackenzie-Wood, has won 20 Merit Certificates.Fawn Point
Cinnamon Point & friendsSkwiglee Xander - Cinnamon Point
with his litter-mates
Skwiglee Scarpetta (Oriental Lilac) and
Skwiglee Singinginthe Rain (Oriental Fawn)
Amadeus - Fawn Point

sire: Mewzishun Gamba (breeder Ann Greatorex)
dam: Sunjade Serena (breeder: Elizabeth Wildon).

Cinnamon Point
CinnamonAdixish Champayne Accolade as a kitten, with brothers and friends

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