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The Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group

Affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Membership Application Form

Please print out this form

or download it as a rather neater pdf file - you need to Get Acrobat Reader for this if you don't have it already

and complete it using block letters or type

I/We wish to become a member/members of the Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group
and, if accepted, agree to observe its rules and promote its interests to the best of my/our ability.

(If joint application - both applicants must sign)
Joining/re-joining fee per subscription @ £ 1.00£
Annual subscription (1st January to 31st December) @ £ 5.00£
Joint subscription @ £ 7.50 £
Overseas Member's subscription (one vote per sub) @ £10.00 £
Junior subscription (no voting rights) @ £ 3.00 £
Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group Breeding Policy @ £ 2.00 £
TOTAL enclosed (including joining/re-joining fee) = £            
All cheques must be made payable to the Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group.
Overseas subscriptions must be paid in Sterling.

Please write in block capitals or type

Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss)
 Post Code
Telephone (full code please)
Prefix Is this a Joint Prefix ?
Proposer: Signature Name:
* Member of:
Seconder: Signature Name:
* Member of:
* Every candidate must be proposed and seconded by a paid-up member of a Club affiliated to the GCCF.
If in difficulty please seek advice from a Committee Member.

Please print out this form, complete it and send it with the full fee
(made payable to the Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group, in pounds Sterling please)
to the Membership Secretary:

Mrs Glenda Worthy
280 Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon,. Herts, EN11 0RX, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1992 465156

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for acknowledgement of receipt


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