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The Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group

Affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The Club now has its own new website
The OCFG promotes interest in the breeding and showing of Cinnamon and Fawn Oriental Shorthairs - selfs and all patterns - and Cinnamon and Fawn Point Siamese.

Before the Group was started only a few Cinnamon selfs were shown in Assessment classes and Fawns were rarely seen. Cinnamon and Fawn were not recognised as colours of Siamese.

Ch Mewzishun Sinfonia
Rimana Sue EllenNow Cinnamons of all patterns have Championship status with GCCF and the Fawn selfs have had Provisional status since 1st June 1999.

Cinnamon Point Siamese have had Provisional status since June 2002 and Fawn Points are hoping to apply for Provisional status soon. A few Tabby Points have appeared, there is a Cinnamon Tortie Point doing very well and a Fawn Tortie Point appears occasionally on the Show bench.

Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group

   offers its members    

Rosettes and trophies
Garden Party get-togethers
Breeding Programme booklet
Oriental Cinnamon & Fawn Group

   is represented at    

Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee
Siamese Cat Joint Advisory Committee
Oriental CInnamon & Fawn Group

   maintains lists of    

Kittens available
Cinnamons, Fawns and cinnamon carriers at stud
Oriental CInnamon & Fawn Group

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