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Welcome to the Palantir Pages

Made on a Mac

... using the very basic HTML Editor and raw HTML. Designed for Netscape, they should be pretty similar for all - except for the Java, JavaScript and stylesheets which are not essential for navigation or information. Apart from a few complicated tables, the information should all be legible on text-only browsers - I hate being greeted by an entry page which demands a download before I can view the site!

I have overhauled the site, removed a few old pages and rearranged others. With the exception of external links (over which I have no control other than checking at intervals - some certainly do not work on old browsers) all links should work and all images load. If you find any which do not, please let me know.

The Palantir pages have welcomed over 871, 150 visitors (over 4,293,600 page hits) between June 1997 and December 2005

This site was originally approved by "Bobby" for accessibility to people with disabilities but this free service seems to have finished so I just keep it simple instead. It is PICS rated as suitable for all ages.

The drawings, animations, backgrounds and buttons are my own work, so please do not "borrow" them without permission.

I know it is impossible to prevent piracy, but the cat and garden areas of the www are so friendly & courteous that I hope you will respect my wishes.

Web Design

If you would like a web site of your own but do not know how to make one or do not have the time, perhaps I can help. The design will be simple so that you can update your site yourself if you wish.

You can see further examples of my work at The Cat Group and Bambino Burmese & Bengals, both now being maintained elsewhere, but retaining the original design.

If you are interested please email me for further details.

Old Links

There are still many pages with links to my old addresses or to pages which no longer exist. I have tried to get them to update, but to no avail - I even got a reply which suggested (rudely) that I should have better things to do than helping people to keep their links up to date!

If you find old links please let me know or email them yourself - you might be more successful.

Palantir Design Ltd

e-mail Jan Finn with queries or comments

Please use text-based email to save time and bandwidth
(my email programme receives pictorial embellishments as attachments, which rather defeats the purpose of it)

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