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Is there something missing in your life ?
Is your life quiet or dull?
Is your home clean & tidy?
Do you want to remedy this?
A Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair or Oriental Longhair could make all the difference - don't say you haven't been warned !

They are good at keeping chairs warm for you...

... especially if you only stand up for a second ...

... and they can be quite difficult to dislodge.

They all enjoy helping ....
they help things off the table
they help things out of handbags
they help things under the fridge
and they specially help rubber bands disappear (I think they have a strange fetish!)
The hammocks are supposed to be beds,
but They use them as climbing frames and trampolines
They are avid collectors
they trot off with teaspoons in their mouths
they purloin pens & pencils
wristwatches walk away...
They are technologically competent
they know how to work the phone console
they can turn on the Mac
they can turn off the TV
remote controls are no problem!
but they growl at the doorbell


They look angelic, but...



They adore paperwork
they provide perforations in interesting patterns
they convert it to confetti - who needs a shredder!
they are also excellent at filing

They enjoy their food
and the food in the other dish - it always tastes better
and my food if I turn my back for an instant
and cheese sandwiches for elevenses
Cheese sandwich is a bit late this morning...
... ah, here it comes!
KittensThey drag the chair-covers onto the floor....Kittens

They are also very good at re-arranging the furniture.

Some like to monitor the monitor
Fantastique & CotinusFantastique & CotinusFantastique & Cotinus
Others prefer the television - or at least the box that protects it ...

... while old granny has her own chair -
a good vantage point for keeping an eye on everything,
especially food - her favourite hobby.

If you would like your life disrupted by a furry bombshell or two, there are sometimes pet kittens or young neutered adults who need new homes.

If your lifestyle needs enhancing why not email for further details (but only if you live in the UK)

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Cheese sandwich time


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