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Information on pedigree cats in the UK - breeders, cat clubs, cat shows, breed information and standards of points, plus two cat charities.

If you have a web site for a GCCF cattery, club or show and would like it listed here free, please fill in the form or mail me the URL and I'll drop in

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
visit the
Official Site
The equivalent of the Kennel Club for the UK Cat Fancy

The site has full lists of Affiliated Clubs and licensed Cat Shows, plus information you need to know before you buy a kitten or show a cat, together with a price list of all GCCF publications and much, much more

UK Cat Breed Information
Cat Breeds in the UK - GCCF breeds and their show classes (big file)

Registration policies for the cat breeds recognised by the GCCF

The Balinese Cat in the UK - information from the Balinese Breed Advisory Committee

Bengals - Standard of Points and other information

Birmans - Standard of Points and other information

The Blue Persian - breed description & Standard of Points

British Shorthairs - Standards of Points for Colourpointed, Chocolates and Lilacs

Burmese Standard of Points

Colourpoint Standard of Points - (Himalayans)

Exotic Shorthairs - Standard of Points and other breed information

Norwegian Forest Cat - Standard of Points and other information

Oriental Cats in the UK - Standard of Points, registration policy & breed numbers plus a brief history

Oriental Longhair Cats in the UK - Standard of Points & registration policy, plus breed information

Introduction to Russian Blues - breed profile & Standard of Points

Standard of Points for Red, Tortie, Cream & Apricot Point Siamese - plus general standard for all Siamese & some brief genetics

Standard of Points for Cinnamon & Fawn Point Siamese - plus pictures and breed information

Standard of Points for Tabby Point & Caramel series Siamese

Siamese Registration Policy - plus breeding policy for Red, Tortie, Cream & Apricot Points

Singapura Standard of Points and breed information

Two Cat
The GCCF Cat Welfare Trust - The GCCF's own charity which has already funded research into producing a ringworm vaccine and is now funding work on the feline genome

Feline Advisory Bureau - information sheets, details of meetings, boarding cattery information and a gift catalogue


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