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Just a Patch of Ground

A garden is never static. You clear, you plant, you weed. Some plants multiply beyond all expectations - others die for no obvious reason and the garden changes. Turn your back for a moment and the weeds take over!

I live on the North edge of London (England); for thirty years I lived in a house with a very large back garden which faced South with very stony and free-draining ground in most places.

... and then I had to move. It had been a possibility since the owner died, so I did very little to the garden in 2004. Then it became a reality and I was loooking for a new house.

By the time I left the brambles were conquering again - but I couldn't bear to take photos of that.

You can read all about the old garden and how it developed.

A friend suggested that a garden on the Internet should have a few bonuses: point at a weed and click - weed gone! Point at the hose and click - garden watered! Wouldn't it be marvellous if life was that simple.

Another friend who had seen the old garden, described the website as a triumph of camera angle over reality - but I'm sure you don't want to see all the weeds and brambles!.

The background sound to my garden pages, if you can hear it, is birdsong recorded in my old garden - after editing out the traffic, aircraft, barking dogs, hammering and all the other things you don't really notice until you record it!

plant growing

This site planted, and weeded occasionally, by Julia May

Last weeded 6th October 2006

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