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October 2005

The weeds in the left side of the front garden eventually started looking a bit tired, but not dead. I decided I really couldn't wait any longer - the poor plants had been sitting in carrier bags for over six months.
Again I had made a plan and marked the plants on it:
1 - Cotinus - already there despite Mick with pick
2 - Pleioblastus auricomus
3 - Pleioblastus variegata
4 - Liriope spicata alba
5 - Geranium renardii
6 - Iris unguicularis
7 - Phyllostachys nigra
8 - reserved for a Chusquea when I get one
? - it would be nice to get another Cercis siliquastrum album, but the place I got my original one from no longer stocks it. Something will eventually fill that position ...

I did not bother to mark out the paths this time: they were not going to be edged, it was simply a matter of a "border" with separate beds for the two large bamboos.

The first job was digging it over and removing the remaining weeds - and bulbs. I ended up with a bucketful of bulbs, even after replanting a vast number. The digging and weeding took two days, allowing for multiple breaks - I didn't wish to render myself totally incapacitated! I also removed the broken green plastic trellis which had been stapled to the little wooden fence.

front gardenfront garden
I then dug out the paths, heaping the soil on the beds, then broke up the clods of London clay soil. It made a change from the very gravelly soil in my old garden, but was no easier to dig. At least there was less rubble this side.
front gardenfront garden
front gardenfront garden
Having marked out the beds by digging the paths - even if this did have a rather grave-like look - I started by planting the Phyllostachys nigra. Since its arrival and potting up in May, it had not only produced multiple new canes, but its roots had expanded to fill its large pot. I extracted it with some difficulty (I did not wish to damage the pot) and planted it in its designated bed. If it continued its growth with similar enthusiasm it would fill the bed nicely.

I then placed the other plants in position in their bags and pots.

front gardenfront garden
front gardenfront garden
I planted them, plus the bulbous Iris I had rescued before the plot was cleared and some tuplis I had been sent from Holland. I then watered everything thoroughly - which left interesting ponds on the paths!
front gardenfront garden
front gardenfront garden
Luckily the weather is very dull at present, so the garden didn't dry out too quickly. It will look better when I get the other two large plants and the others have spread a bit. As the Hemerocallis were so happy in their carrier bags I hope they are equally happy in their new home.

I plan to topdress this side of the front garden with gravel and the other side with bark chips - but that will have to wait for another lift to B&Q - I certainly won't be able to carry them on the bus!

Apart from that, the garden is now more or less settled. I plan to move the Anemone x hybrida from the wall bed to the front garden when it has finished flowering, and I might divide the Eomecom (which has spread exuberantly) and plant some of that in the front too - both on the right hand side. However, I suspect I will be tempted by other things that I see in garden centres and nurseries and I certainly plan to get some more Digitalis of various species in the Spring ... after all, there is still plenty of space ...

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