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September 2005

The front garden took some time. It took two zappings with weedkiller before the perennial weeds on the right hand side admitted they were dead. Unfortunately the weeds on the left hand side disagreed and required a further zapping.
At least I could get started on the first job - preparing the right hand side.

The plot was 5.5 x 4.3m and I had made a plan (reasonably to scale) while I waited for the weeds to die, marking the large plants on it:
1 -Viburnum x bodnantense Deben
2 -Ruscus aculeatus
3 -Ruscus hypoglossum
4 -Danae racemosa
5 -Magnolia x wieseneri (watsonii)
6 -Pieris japonica 'Little Heath'
7 -Viburum 'Mohawk'
8 -Magnolia denudata

I had drawn the path on the hard ground and once the weeds were clear I dug it out, piling the earth on where the beds would be. That felt like hard work until I started digging the trench at the edge of the path, for embedding the log edging: that was when I discovered that there was a layer of hard core or builders rubble just at that level. However, with much effort (and almost as much swearing) I managed to dig the narrow trench. Putting in the log edging (luckily I have a mallet) was really quite easy after that.

front gardenfront garden
After digging out the path I dug up the beds, removing remaining odd roots and replanting assorted bulbs. The plants visible at the far side regrew from very persistent roots: there is a geranium (blue) and a rose - which I hope will prove to be a dog rose.
front gardenfront garden
I then cadged a lift to B&Q to get a dozen bags of compost - on 10%-off day of course! I did consider the option of carrying a bag at a time on the bus, but abandoned that idea rather quickly. The following morning I tipped the compost onto the beds and then dug it over again to mix it in, finally watering it all thoroughly.
front gardenI then sorted out the plants destined for the right hand side from those destined for the left. I weeded them, tidied them and finally watered them, then waited until late afternoon so that I could water again after planting them.
front gardenfront garden
I started by putting the plants in position, still in their pots and carrier bags
front gardenfront garden
I then planted all of them, plus some bulbs I had been given and those I had rescued before the plot was cleared.
front gardenfront garden
Everything then got a thorough watering. Now I hope we get plenty of rain - it is a bit of a fiddly job taking the hose through the lean to and side gate without the cats escaping.

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