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April 2005

And this is the back garden after I had sorted it out a bit.

The front remained more or less untouched - with the plants destined for it still in pots or carrier bags!

back gardenback garden
Bed 1 contained an apple tree, a Camellia which proved to be a medium pink, but un-named, three Clematis and various others that emerged and were removed or stayed for the present.The garden seat was very heavy to move - thank goodness it fits the curve nicely where it is.
back gardenback garden
The containers were sorted into sun side and shade side and placed accordingly.Bed 2 was cleared of quite a few boring things which were replaced by several of my own plants.
back gardenback garden
Bed 3 on the left contained a small Mahonia and yet another Clematis. (The tufa was also a heavy moving job!)Bed 4, to the left, contained a Camellia, Azalaea and Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell' - actually labelled and very definitely not a favourite! The small bed 5 to the right had yet another Clematis, probably a Montana, plus a Geranium of some kind.
back gardenback garden
The paving looked so nice and weed-free didn't it ....The wall bed contained the very obviously flourishing Passiflora, Saxifraga x urbium and what appeared to be a Japanese anemone.
back gardenback garden
The wooden tub in which the Arisaemas and a couple of Epimediums had lived decided to disintegrate completely when moved. They were 'transplanted' very hastily into a large pot instead. This did not appear to put them off in the slightest - Arisaema amurense had one of its best flowers after the move.Arisaema ringens also flowered very happily in its more modest manner.
back gardenback garden
Erythronium americanum, plus a few weeds, was perfectly at home ....... while Erythronium 'Pagoda' went mad as usual. I suspect that if I threw a handful on a rubbish tip they would flourish.
back gardenback garden
The tiny Arenaria balearica flowered in its sink around a Cyclamen (self sown) and Leucojum autumnale.Rhododendron 'Patty Bee' flowered nicely in Bed 2.
back gardenback garden
Meanwhile, the plants destined for the front garden sat in their pots and carrier bags ...At least Viburnum 'Mohawk' was happy - it had been waiting in its pot for six years, so a bit longer would not hurt. I was just glad I had never got round to planting it.

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