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February 2005

It took a while to find the right house - room for the cats and all my books and at least some of the very many things I had accumulated over the years - within my budget. So many were unsuitable in various ways and then I found one.

front gardenThe garden in front of the house was 'standard semi' with the standard central lawn.
However, there was a second, larger front garden the other side of the garage, because the house is on a bend, again with a central lawn.

front garden
Although both gardens appeared well kept and very (to me) boring, there were some good plants and ample opportunity for redesigning....
back gardenThe back garden, however was very different. For a start it was quite small, triangular and almost totally paved

... and that flagpole, painted such a delightful 'primer pink' would have to go!

Some of the beds were slightly raised and I recognised many of the plants although only a couple were actually labelled. back garden
FritsThere were three Camellias, several Clematis, a Pieris, an azalea plus Rhdodendron 'Patty Bee' who I had loved and lost in the past, plus many bulbs and a Passiflora - probably caerulea - mature enough to have fruited.

Mind you, there were many other things that would have to go - the Forsythia for a start, acceptable in a large garden but a waste of space for most of the year in a small one.

There were a lot of useful features - there was already an outside tap and the small lean-to greenhouse, the walls and trellis either side of the garden had obviously been designed for climbers and the space next to the kitchen and behind the garage had been covered over to provide a lean-to, mini conservatory - or general rubbish room.back garden
So I thought about it - on the minus side there was so much less space and, without a lot of work, no room to plant any large stuff.

On the plus side, there was quite a lot of front garden, ripe for redesigning, where large (or at least larger) stuff could be planted. The neighbour on one side was obviously very keen on gardening while those on the other side appeared to keep theirs in order for barbecues etc.

Best of all - there was not a bramble in sight!!! I can assure you, there is a lot to be said for that.

There was a lot to be said for an easy-care garden, so I made an offer which was accepted.

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