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Oriental Cats in the UK

The Foreign White Cat

The Foreign White has a slightly different standard of points to the other Orientals as it is basically a Siamese in a white overcoat. However, although the wording varies slightly, the type of the Foreign White is identical to that of other Orientals.

It is the only Oriental breed which cannot be mated to other Orientals, its registration policy permitting only Siamese and Foreign Whites in the pedigree. Strict breeding and rigorous selection have produced a white cat with deep blue eyes and without any deafness problems. The reason for this is that the blue eyes of this breed are produced by the Siamese gene, not by the dominant white gene.

When the names of all the other Oriental Selfs were changed from "Foreign" to Oriental, the Foreign White retained its original name. This underlined the fact that the breed recognised by the GCCF was a blue-eyed Siamese plus a white coat, unlike Oriental Whites recognised elsewhere, where green eyes and odd eyes were also permitted.

(The registration policy is in the process of being amended, to allow Whites with Siamese parents on the Full Register, but this has yet to be approved.)

running cat

 GCCF Standard of Points

A complete Standards of Points for all breeds is available from the GCCF

FOREIGN WHITE (35) (Championship status)

The Foreign White should be a beautifully balanced animal with head, ears and neck carried on a long svelte body, supported on fine legs and feet, with a tail in proportion. The head and profile should be wedge-shaped, neither round nor pointed. The eyes a clear brilliant blue. Expression alert and intelligent.

Head: Long and well proportioned, carried upon an elegant neck, with width between the ears, narrowing in straight lines to a fine muzzle, with straight profile, strong chin and level bite.

Ears: Large and pricked set so as to follow the lines of the wedge.

Eyes: Oriental in shape and slanting, clear brilliant blue, the deeper the better.

Body: Long and slender, the rump carried higher than the shoulders. Well muscled and elegant.

Legs: Long and proportionately slender, paws neat and oval.

Tail: Long and tapering, whip-like, without kink.

Coat: Pure white, short and close-lying.

Nose Leather, Eye Rims & Paw Pads: Pink.
Note: "Freckles" may appear on nose, pads, lips and eye rims. Slight freckling in a mature cat should not be penalised.

Type (60)
  Head & Ears20
  Eye Shape & Setting5
  Legs & Paws10
Colour & Coat (40)
  Eye Colour15
  Body Colour15
  Coat Texture & Length10

Withhold Certificates and First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

  1. Coloured hairs (except in kittens).
  2. Undershot or overshot jaw and/or uneven bite.
  3. A cast in one or both eyes.
  4. Any other defect as listed in the preface of the SOP booklet.

running cat

 Registration Policy for the Foreign White


Foreign Whites which have in their pedigrees within the preceding three generations only Foreign Whites or Siamese shall be registered on the Full Register, with the exception that all Foreign Whites from Foreign White x Foreign White matings shall be placed on the Supplementary Register or Reference Register as appropriate.


Foreign Whites which have in their pedigrees within the preceding five generations only Foreign Whites or Siamese shall be registered on the Supplementary Register.


All cats of Foreign White appearance which have in their pedigrees within the preceding five generations any breed other than Foreign Whites or Siamese shall be registered on the Reference Register.

(Amended 26.10.05)


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