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Other Stuff
the Dragonsite.com - new & magnificent dragons from Andrew Bill
Logo ... and you can buy online
Anne McCaffrey's home page
PernAll about the author and her books
Discworld - Terry Pratchett information & links.
PratchettPS - have you read "The Unadulterated Cat"? Enjoy!
Magic in North London
Harry Potter... being filmed

Some more cat-related links
The Cat Group - a group of organisations involved with felilne health
Policy information on some important feline topics
Our Cats Magazine - the online presence of the official journal of the GCCF
Our Cats
List of Feline WWW Sites
Now run by Judith Berman
Cat Fanciers' Home Page
Many world-wide cat-related links
Fanciers Breeder Referral List
World-wide cat breeders
Cat Links
Remmy and Sidney's list of cat links
The I-Love-Cats Directory Of Cat Web Sites
A 'Cat Yahoo'
Animals Unlimited
Photographer Paddy Cutts' site with photo libraries
Cat Images
Web site of Alan Robinson, cat photographer, plus cat image library
Leolee Ceramics
Sandra's ceramic feline sculptures - to order
Battersea Dogs Home
Yes - they do have cats as well!

Some garden-related links
Paul Christian's Rare Plants
FlowerA mail order catalogue with lots of useful information about
some unusual & very nice plants
Helleborus Breeding Program
FlowerHellebores to die for. Maybe one day I'll get some like theseFlower
Farmyard Nurseries
Flower... and maybe now I can, from this nursery in Wales
Manor Nurseries
FlowerA nursery in Essex with a very good range of unusual plants
Home Page for Irises
FlowerInformation about Irises, with loads of iris links
Links for plantspeople
FlowerLots of links to all sorts of plants
LogoA very useful searchable index of garden topics
Northern Pond
Garden pages, with lots of links to other garden and pond pages
Royal Horticultural Society
Loads of information, including the Plant Finder
Royal Botanic Gardens
Kew Gardens, Wakehurst Place and much more
Friends of Oxford Botanic Garden
promoting the work of the Botanic Garden

And...other things

Enfield Society
working to preserve our local heritage

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