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Information on pedigree cats in the UK - breeders, cat clubs, cat shows, breed information and standards of points, plus two cat charities.

Breeders of Pedigree Cats in the UK

These breeders register their cats with the GCCF.

This is very far from a complete list of breeders who register their kittens with GCCF and inclusion on the list does not imply recommendation of that breeder.

NB - Prefixes, cats and kittens may be registered with the GCCF but, despite misleading statements on some websites, neither breeders nor their catteries can be registered. Some breeders may also list breeds which are not recognised by the GCCF and which the GCCF may refuse to register.

  • Before buying a kitten, read the information on Buying a Kitten on the GCCF website.
  • Kitten prices vary from breed to breed, from area to area and from breeder to breeder - a higher price does not guarantee a better quality kitten.
  • The price should always include vaccination, by a veterinary surgeon, against FIE, FVR and FCV and may include Leukaemia, Chlamydophila or Bordetella vaccination as well.
  • The kitten should not leave home until it is at least 13 weeks old, at least a week after completing the vaccination course.
  • Make sure that the kitten is registered or is capable of being registered. (If either parent is registered on the GCCF Non-Active Register, or endorsed 'not for breeding' by FIFe, the kitten cannot be registered)

Click on a breed below to find a list of breeders' web sites

Asians including Burmilla, Bombay, Tiffanie
British Shorthairs
Cornish Rex
Devon Rex
Egyptian Maus
Exotic Shorthairs
Maine Coons
Norwegian Forest Cats
Oriental Shorthairs inc Havana, Foreign White
Oriental Longhairs
Oriental Bicolours
Persians including Chinchilla, Colourpoint
Russian Blues
Selkirk Rex
Turkish Vans

If you would like your GCCF club, show or breeder web site listed here free just complete this form:

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If you are listed and change your web address - please let me know.

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