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The Breed 32 Show

Our 2006 Best in Show Winners

full results

Best Male Adult, Best Adult & Best Exhibit

Best Male AdultBest Male Adult

Best Male Adult
(A new picture - still lovely colour, still lovely type ... and still 'why is someone pointing a camera at me - again!')

UK Grand Champion Sarnau Jaffah
Cream Point
Breeder: Mr J Bunyan
Owner: Mrs J Reed

Best Female Adult

BIS Female Adult

Imperial Grand Champion Tianlex Indies Blueblazer
Blue Tortie Point
Owner/Breeder: Mrs P Cook
(photo by Lisa Aggett)

Best Male Kitten & Best Kitten

BIS Male KittenBIS Male Kitten

Johpas Red Ruudi
Red Point
Breeder: Mrs J Reed
Owners: Mr J & Mrs A Mullen
(right hand photo by Lisa Aggett)

Best Female Kitten

BIS Female KittenBIS Female Kitten

Bethanjo Buttonandbows
Chocoate Tortie Point
Breeders: Mr J & Mrs A Mullen
Owner: Mrs J Reed
(right hand photo by Lisa Aggett)

Best Male Neuter & Best Neuter

BIS Male Neuter

Imperial Grand Premier Tianlex Full Monty
Cream Point
Breeder: Mrs P Cook
Owner: Dr J Muir-Taylor

Best Female Neuter

BIS Female NeuterBIS Female Neuter

Grand Champion & UK Grand Premier Aprikat Shesprettyinpink
Lilac Tortie Point
Breeder: Mrs R Smyth
Owner: Mrs L Tobias

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