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Oriental Cats in the UK

Oriental Longhair Breed Numbers and Colours

With such a wide range of colours and patterns in a single breed of cat, the numbers on a pedigree can be very confusing.

This is a list of breed numbers for all the recognised colours of Oriental Longhair. The basic breed number is 62. To define the pattern and colour, this is followed by a further number and letter(s) which are based mainly on the numbers used for British Shorthairs, with additions where the pattern or colour does not exist in that breed. (This system is also used for other breeds with multiple patterns & colours, such as Main Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats and Rexes.) It looks chaotic, but it does have a kind of logic!

All patterns of Tabby (Ticked, Spotted, Mackerel and Classic) share a single breed number for each colour because the actual tabby pattern is not a very important feature of the breed.

Non-agouti - Self, Tortie & Smoke   Agouti - Tabby & Shaded
ColourBreed No   Colour Tabby
Breed No
Breed No
White Self, blue-eyed62 14
White Self, odd-eyed62 14b
White Self, green-eyed62 14c
Black Self62 15 Brown (Black)62 20 62 43
Blue Self62 16 Blue 62 20a 62 43a
Chocolate Self62 15b Chocolate 62 20b 62 43b
Lilac Self 62 15c Lilac 62 20c 62 43c
Red Self62 15d Red 62 20d 62 43d
Cream Self62 17 Cream 62 20f 62 43f
Apricot Self 62 15fn Apricot 62 20fn 62 43fn
Cinnamon Self62 15k Cinnamon 62 20k 62 43k
Caramel Self62 15n Caramel 62 20n 62 43n
Fawn Self62 15r Fawn62 20r 62 43r
Tortie (black)62 21 Tortie (black)62 20e 62 43e
Blue Tortie62 28 Blue Tortie62 20g 62 43g
Chocolate Tortie62 21b Chocolate Tortie62 20h 62 43h
Lilac Tortie62 21c Lilac Tortie62 20j 62 43j
Cinnamon Tortie62 21k Cinnamon Tortie62 20m 62 43m
Caramel Tortie62 21n Caramel Tortie62 20p 62 43p
Fawn Tortie62 21r Fawn Tortie62 20y 62 43y
Black Smoke62 36 Black Silver62 18 62 43s
Blue Smoke62 36a Blue Silver62 18a 62 43as
Chocolate Smoke62 36b Chocolate Silver62 18b 62 43bs
Lilac Smoke62 36c Lilac Silver62 18c 62 43cs
Red Smoke62 36d Red Silver62 18d 62 43ds
Cream Smoke62 36f Cream Silver62 18f 62 43fs
Apricot Smoke 62 36fn Apricot Silver 62 18fn 62 43fns
Cinnamon Smoke62 36k Cinnamon Silver62 18k 62 43ks
Caramel Smoke62 36n Caramel Silver62 18n 62 43ns
Fawn Smoke62 36r Fawn Silver62 18r 62 43rs
Tortie Smoke (black)62 36e Tortie Silver62 18e 62 43es
Blue Tortie Smoke62 36g Blue Tortie Silver62 18g 62 43gs
Chocolate Tortie Smoke62 36h Chocolate Tortie Silver62 18h 62 43hs
Lilac Tortie Smoke62 36j Lilac Tortie Silver62 18j 62 43js
Cinnamon Tortie Smoke62 36m Cinnamon Tortie Silver62 18m 62 43ms
Caramel Tortie Smoke62 36p Caramel Tortie Silver62 18p 62 43ps
Fawn Tortie Smoke62 36y Fawn Tortie Silver62 18y 62 43ys

Variants have the appropriate breed number for their pattern and colour, followed by the letter v.
e.g. A Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded Oriental Longhair Variant is 62 43hsv.

Pointed Oriental Longhairs have the number 62 40, followed by a further number to define the points colour.
e.g. A Seal Silver Tabby Point is 62 40 11s.


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