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The Advantages of being an Oriental Longhair

Tail An Oriental Longhair has so many advantages over shorthaired Orientals

You can get instant attention from an owner who is trying to work, with the very minimum of effort

TailJust dangle the tail over the screen - it obscures so much more than shorthaired tails...

and if that does not achieve the desired effect, flick it around a bit

You can glance over your shoulder to see the result

Tail You can supervise the work from here if you wish

... but with a little care you can also have a wash without moving the tail from its optimum position

It's really quite a laugh


PS - While you are there, don't forget to shed as many hairs as possible through the ventilation slots on the monitor and computer. This will always ensure your popularity....

... or you can try the well-aimed furball trick - it has a very satisfactory effect on the keyboard!

Who needs a virus when an Oriental Longhair can wreck your work with so much style?


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